How To Build a Cardboard Quadcopter

Step Four – Solder The ESCs

I use a tiny copper board to solder all the ESCs together. You can also strip the wires a little more, and solder them all together. If you do this, wrap the bundle together with some thin, bare copper wire. It will make soldering the mess together much, much easier. The most important thing, is to have two of the ESCs pointed in one direction, and two pointed in the other.

For my boards, I cut out a little 0.5″ square piece of copper clad and cover both sides in solder.

I then solder on the battery connector whip, and add two motor controllers. After it cools, I slide a piece of the large heatshrink down over the wires, and out of the way. Then I solder the remaining two motor controllers and a small 22AWG red wire to the positive rail.

The little red wire will be used for on-board voltage sensing by the controller. If you bought female 0.1″ spacing jumper wires, use one of these. After that cools, I slide the heatshrink over the whole mess and shrink it down. Viola! A nice little power distribution board 🙂