How To Build a Cardboard Quadcopter

Step Six – Finishing

The remainder of the build involves rubber bands. Lots of rubber bands. I use 7″x1/8″ No. 127 Platinum Crepe brand black rubber bands to attach components, hold on batteries, and keep things put. They’re very fast to add and remove, and unlike zip-ties, they’re reusable.

I use four rubber bands to secure the motor lead wires to the arm. Hook it onto the landing leg, wrap it around twice, and loop it over the same leg.

Another two to hold the ESCs in place. It goes from one side, to the other.

One to hold the battery pack on. This one has to be attached while the plate is removed, after that you just pull on the middle section and slide a battery in. If you have a particularly heavy battery add two rubber bands. One will probably be enough.

One more to hold the controller in place. Be careful to avoid resting the rubber band on the pins, it’s under enough tension to either bend the pins, or snap the rubber band due to vibration. Notice those four little holes in the top plate? They’re for nylon screws, you can optionally add them to help keep the controller board on axis. In practice though, the rubber band should be enough.

Here’s the top and bottom of the completed frame. The only thing left to do is to attach the dome.