Mike Estee Designer / Engineer

Collaborations, Projects & Performances (2002—2017)




"I make things. I take them apart. I put them back together, and write poetry about the left over pieces."

Mike Estee is a San Francisco based artist and engineer who really dislikes discussing himself in the third person. As member of the larger bay area maker community, he has been building, dreaming, and making mistakes for over a decade.

He has been a painter, an electrical engineer, a recreational kitesurfer, a senior software engineer, a videographer, a sound designer, a machinist, a fashion designer, a lighting designer, a juggler, a mechanical engineer, a hatter, a teacher, a director, and most recently, a circus performer & aerialist.

Someday he hopes find a way to do all of these things at once, but as this would be extremely cumbersome and probably a bit awkward, Mike will happily settle for just being good at making breakfast. His hash browns are legendary.