Mike Estee Designer / Engineer

Collaborations, Projects & Performances (2002—2017)


Slytherin Snitch

Slytherin Snitch


Conceived as a gift for fellow artist and dear friend Suzanne Forbes.

”The Professor sought to repurpose the snitch into something more useful than a collegiate plaything. Using a combination of creature fusion and modern magitronics she crafted a new form of machine: one suited for covert surveillance. In so doing it possessed, not the ability to avoid capture, but rather the unique ability of avoiding the gaze of all sentient creatures. It was a dangerous tool in the wrong hands, and perhaps an even more dangerous tool in the right ones, as the temptation to use it was great indeed.” The History of Slytherin Magitronics, Various Authors, ed. 2017.

Materials: SLA resin print, iridescent acrylic, glass eye, peacock feathers.